A newer version of the SMS has come into play in recent years –The Voice SMS. Voice SMS is one of the easiest and most effective way of sending a pre- recorded message to another mobile user which can be retrieved at the user’s convenience. Voice SMS is similar to text messages

Location based Voice SMS campaign can give customers time and location sensitive along with personalized information. It is being used for promoting goods, services and ideas. Using Voice SMS, businesses share codes for promotional activities and discounts to engage customers. Business channels always look for innovative ways to reach out to their customers.

How it works:

Voice SMS needs explicit software to record the messages. These product and devices enable you to record messages and special offers for your associations and organizations. When you record a message and send it to your customers as bulk voice campaign, you are connecting with them on much more personal level. The medium of voice is a powerful marketing tool. Voice SMS service can also give insights into your business and your work culture which a Text Message will not be able to do.

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